Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to Submit Blog to Google Search Console?

Submit Blog to Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is free online platform containing various set of tools & resources,which helps website / blog & android mobile app owners to track search performance of their web property.

Benefits :

  • It gives List of search terms for which your site appeared in Google search engine result pages.
  • Average Position of your site in search result pages for those search terms.
  • It shows number of backlinks to your site.
  • Data of Internal links.
  • You can submit URL of  new content of your site for fast crawling & indexing bu google robots.
  • It highlights Indexing & Crawling Error.
  •  Blocking URL & content which you do not wish to appear in search result.
  • Easy submission of XML site map.
  •  Testing of robot.txt file.
  • Alert for malware, hacking, or violations of Webmaster Guidelines

Submitting blog to Google Search Console:

Add property

  • Enter URL of the web property (Website, Blog or Android App), you want to submit to webmaster.
  • Click " Continue".
  • The next window will ask you to choose from two methods of adding property.
  1. Recommended Method -In this method you need to download HTML verification file, then upload this file to you website server using FTP transfer. Confirm the successful upload by visiting given URL. Click on Verify button.It will show successful verification message if you have uploaded file correctly. Do not remove this file from server even after successful verification of site
  2. Alternate Method - There are 4 methods of site verification which includes HTML Tag, Domain Name Provider, Google Analytics Method & Google tag Manager method.

Site Verification Method - HTML File Upload
 For purpose our study we will use HTML Tag method for Blogger Blog.

  • After selecting HTML Tag method, it will give  Google Site Verification Meta Tag.
  • Copy this Meta Tag.
  • Now Go to your Blogger Blog's 
Blooger Blog

  • Go to Template Section.

  • Click Edit HTML
  • Now Press Ctrl + F to find <head>
HTML - Backend

  • Paste the code after <head>  section & before first body section.
  • Save the Template.
  • Now go back to search console & Click verify button.
  • Now you will receive  message for successful verification.

  • Click "continue".

Google Search Console Dashbord

Congratulations.. Now you can start using Google Search Console for SEO of  your web property.

Monday, 14 March 2016

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is systematic process of identifying actual search queries,which people enter in various search engine while looking for information.This process includes collecting both search volume & its relative competitiveness.

Significance of Keyword Research:

It is very important for today's digital marketer, who runs any kind of online business to attract relevant visitors to his website or attracting such relevant traffic is not that easy in today's fast changing technological world.

Online Marketer  uses various techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns attract visitors to his web property.both of these strategy will be effective if it is based on thorough Keyword Research on the topic. these strategies involves money so it must give higher conversions on the web asset & good return on investment.

Keyword Search Demand

Keyword Research Tools:

There are many Keyword Research Tools available on the internet, These tools offer some free services as well as paid features. below mentioned is the list of tool that i find very useful for the research

Now we can take one example for specific keyword to understand the methodology of research.

To start keyword research for any topic you need seed word, for our study we will doing research for keyword" Digital Marketing"

Google Trend :It is very good free tool for getting the idea about trend for keyword, topic & search terms.

  • Login into Google Trend through your Gmail id.
  • Enter "Keyword" into search box.
  • Select as per your choice targeted location, time period, different categories & different google properties.
  1. You can choose World wide for whole data or else you can select any specific country.
  2. Time Period -You can fetch data from Year 2004 to present, past hour, past four hour, past day, past one day, past seven days,past 30 days, past 90 days, past 12 months & any customized date data.
  3. Categories include - Art's & Entertainment, Autos & Vehicle, Beauty &fitness, Books & Literature,Business & Industrial,Computer & Electronics, Finance,Food & drink,games, Health & Many more.
  4. You can also search on the basis of web, image, Google shopping, News & You Tube.

Google trend -Interest over time

Google trend shows you graph which depicts interest over period of time. It clearly gives idea how that keyword has generated interest
 over selected period of time & forecast for the future period.

Google trend - Regional Interest

It shows you from which region maximum search queries are generated.Numbers represent search volume relative to the highest point on the map which is always 100.

Google trend - Related Searches

It also shows top releted search queries.

Google Suggestion from Google SERP: When you type & submit any query in google search engine, it gives suggestion of list of queries releted  to the submitted query.It is goldmine of for new keywords releted to your topic.

Google Suggestion

Quora: It is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. It is another good source finding good keywords.
  1. Create account in Quora.
  2. Enter your Keyword in search box.
  3. You will see list of questions asked related to your topic.


all above three  techniques will give you truckload of keyword ideas, but  wont give you any idea about keywords search volume & its competitiveness.

Buzz Sumo: Some may ague that BuzzsSumo is not keyword Research Tool, but we can utilize it to research which topic are getting viral on social media platform.

BuzzSumo Research

  1. Go to Buzz Sumo Site & Enter your keyword into search box.
  2. It will Top 10 web content & website which shared most on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter,Pinterest &Google Plus. If you want access more  than 10 results then you need to buy premium plan.
basically it will give idea about which type of content releted to your keyword shared on social media platform. you can very well study those content to extract valuable keywords.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner: This is free tool given by Online Advertising Platform - Google Adwords

  1. Log Into google Adwords using your Gmail Id
  2. Select Keyword Planner from Tool menu.
  3. Enter each keyword collected from above methods.
Google Adwords Keyword Planner Research

Keyword Planner will give you Average Monthly Searches, Competition (High - Medium - Low) & suggested bid For each keyword.

SemRush: This tool is similar to Google keyword planner but has many unique features incorporated. SemRush is not free tool. It gives 14 day free trial with limited access. for full data upgrade to paid premium plan. If your volume of keyword research is low then there is trick to use semrush for free for life time. The trick is to create new account with new email id once your 14 day trial is over.

  1. Create Account In SemRush.
  2. Enter your keyword in search box.
  3. You can select specific country google search engine.They cover around 30 country specific google search engine.

SemRush Research

SemRush gives you Phrase Match report ,monthly search volume ,cost per click, competition on the scale of 0 to 1( 0 means low & 1 means high), it also gives names of top 100 website for that keyword.

One of the unique feature of SemRush is Keyword Difficulty Tool.This tool allows users to estimate how difficult it would be to seize competitors' positions in organic search with the particular keyword (1-100%). The metric is based on competition between domains that are ranking for the requested keywords in Google's top 100 organic search results.

SemRush keyword difficulty tool
I have not covered rest of the the keyword research tools purposely as they are paid & to access meaningful data you need to buy premium plan.

 They only give you list of keyword without any information about search volume & competition.
still you can collect keywords through their free search can enter in Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find the rest of the data.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Step by Step Guide to Facebook Insight - 2016

Facebook Insight Guide -2016

After Creating a very nice Facebook page you must be wondering how to see the performance report of the page. So to see the performance of page you  need to visit Facebook Insight section. but wait there is catch, as per Facebook policies "Insight" will only appear once your page reaches 30 "Likes"

Facebook Insight is basically "Analytics Platform" which provides very exhaustive data releted to various page metrics. we will study each metrics in detail today.

Components of Page Metrics:

  1. Overview.
  3. Reach.
  4. Page Views.
  5. Action on Page.
  6. Posts.
  7. Videos.
  8. Local.

  • Overview:  It will show you  3 reports of the above metrics for      
  1. Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days & Last 28 days,
  2. Your 5 recent posts statistics which includes post type ,targeting, reach (organic & paid),clicks,reactions , comments & share
  3. Pages to watch - It compares the Performance of your page with the pages similar to your topic.but remember you need to add this competing pages prior.

Facebook Insight- Overview

  • Likes: This section will show you graphs for below mentioned metrics.
  1. Total Page Like as on date 
  2. Net Likes -It shows net likes by subtracting unlike from likes. It also give breakup of "Organic Likes" & "Paid Likes"
  3. Where your page like happened - This graph shows where exactly all these" page like" happened eg. API, on Page, Search, Advert or other.

Facebook Insifght- Total Page Like

Facebook Insight - Net Likes

Facebook Insight -where your pages Likes happened

Note: You can modify all these graph by selecting default time period 1 Week, 1 Month & 1 Quarter  or by putting start & end date.    

  • Reach:This section will show you graphs for below mentioned metrics

  1.  Post Reach - This graph will show to how many people post    was served. It also gives both Organic & Paid reach data.
  2. Reactions,Comments & Share - These action will increase     your chance to reach more people.To know more about Reactions, Plz do read Facebook launches "Reactions" emoticons worldwide
  3. Hide , Report as Spam & Unlikes - These action will decrease your chances to reach more people.
  4. Total Reach - The number of people who were served any     activity from your Page, including your posts, posts to your  Page by other people, Page like adverts, mentions and check- ins. It gives both Organic & Paid reach data.

  • Page Views : It shows how many times your page has been showed

  1. Total Views- This will show you graph releted to total views & section wise.Section includes  About,Timeline,Home,Photos, Videos  & Others.
  2. Total People who viewed your page -It gives break up by section, age, gender, country ,city & devices.
  3. Top Sources - The graph shows from which referral sites these people are coming for viewing your pages.

  • Action on Page: It shows type of actions taken by viewer of your page. Actions include Get direction clicks, phone number clicks, website clicks & page call to action clicks.  It gives break up for each Action with parameters like age, gender, country ,city & devices.

  • Posts: This section reveals very interesting  data like when your fans are online, engagement pattern through out the day for recent 1 week. It shows success of each of post on the basis of reach & engagement. It also shows engagement data  recent posts of pages you follow.

  • Video: This section shows number of video views for 3 seconds & 10 Seconds.

  • People: It shows data releted to number of fans, people reached, People engaged on the basis of Age , Gender, Country, City & language.

  • Local: One of the special feature of Facebook Insight, which gives data releted viewers in the area of 50 meter & 150 meter radius of your business.It gives very interesting details like when maximum number people in the chosen radius are online & their age group. This data is available for recent 1 week, 1 Month & 1 Quarter.

Finally you can export Facebook insight data in xls or csv file format very easily.

Click on the Export button in "Overview" section.

Select the file format, data type , date range & click on export data button.

Export Insight data

Remember you can only export data of 500 posts at time, for more data you can repeat above procedure multiple time.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

How to Create Facebook Business Page?

Today we will be discussing  about what are different categories of Facebook pages & how to set up the page on Facebook.

Remember that for creating Facebook page you need to have personal account.

  • Log into your personal account.
  • Select create  option page from drop down menu of your account.
Create Facebook Business Page - Log In

  • Now you need to select any one option from different categories Facebook Pages.
Facebook Page Types

Note: You need to select option carefully as each has unique characteristics & benefits.

Facebook Pages Types:

  • Local Business Or Place: This option ideally suited if you have Local  business or service catering to local needs or covering limited geographical area.if your business caters customers regionally, nationally or globally then you should not select this option.
  • Company ,Organization or Institution:  If your Company ,Organization or Institution does business or caters to customers spread in geographically wide distances then you should select this option.
  • Brand or Product: This option most suitable to those brand or products which are sold through more than one re-seller or website.
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure:This option  for the celebrities, sports person & politician who want to market them self as brand. This page is also called as fan page.
  • Cause or Community:If you want promote a social or global cause & want people to join or support the noble movement, then you should choose this option.

Selecting appropriate & relevant Facebook page type is very important to step towards success in Facebook Marketing.

For the purpose of our study we are selecting Local Business or Place.

  • After selecting option , now fill up the relevant category , name & address of your business  or services, 
Facebook Page Types_ Local Business or Place.
  • Press Get Started Button .
  • Set up window will open.
Facebook Page Set up - About

  • In About  section you need to add relevant description, categories & website information , so that your Facebook business page can be found in search. Care must be taken while selecting page address as once its set, it can be only changed once. Page address should be unique enough to be easy to recall or remember.
  • Facebook also asks whether your business & its address is real or not. Its also want to confirm whether you are authorized representative of given business.
Facebook page set up - Profile Picture
  • Now press Save Info button.
  • In Profile Picture section you can load Logo of your business / services from your desktop or from web.

  • After uploading ,save the photo.
  • Now Press the Next button.
  • You can add your page as Favourites for easy access at any time.
Facebook page set up - Add to favourites
Facebook page set up - Add to favourites2
  • Now Press the Next button.
  • In Preferred Page Audience Section  you can select the kind of audience you would like to connect on the basis of Location ,Gender, Age & Interest.
Facebook page set up - Audiences

  • This is how your page will look once you finished your set up.

This is how we created simple Facebook Business Page. There are other option you can add once you create page, which we will cover in next post.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

How to Create Facebook Ads?

Hi Friends,

 In our previous post we learnt what is Facebook Marketing? . today we will be discussing about various Facebook ads campaign objectives & how to create advert for these objective.

before selecting advertising objective you must be clear what you want to achieve through this campaign.

Facebook Ads


Facebook Advertising Objectives:

  • Boosting your Posts: When your goal is to increase the engagement of  post on your Facebook business page.Then you should select this objective. Engagement includes Likes, Share, comments on your post.Ads are shown to those audience who are likely to "Comment", "Like" & "Share" your Post.

  • Promoting your Business Page: Promoting your Page might be a good option if you want to engage with your audience or reach new customers.  Facebook ads created through this objective are targeted to those audiences which are going "like" your page. once they like your page your posts stars appearing their news feed.

  • Sending people to your website: When you you goal is to send people to your website or to certain pages of website like product page, home page,contact page,sign up page,special offer page then you should select this objective. These ads will set up custom URLs & will show to those audiences who are likely to click your ads.

  • Increasing conversions on your website: Conversion means any valuable action you want your website visitor to take on your website. depending upon type of business/services conversion may be purchase of you product, sign up, inquiry , visit to specific pages. 

  • Get People install of your app: When you goal is increase installation of you App then you must select this objective. You can create an ad with a link to the app store from where people can install your app. If you want to measure the number of app installs, you can integrate your app with the Facebook SDK.

  • Increasing engagement in your app:When your goals is to increase engagement among the people who have already installed apps.its kind promoting uses among the app user or directing them to specific area of app.If you want to measure the success of your ad, you can integrate your app with the Facebook SDK

  • Reaching people near your business: When your goal is to Increase in-store sales , Increase foot fall in your store, building awareness of your business in the local community then you must select this objective. Facebook ads created through this objective utilizes radius targeting to show you ads to those audiences who are near to business. e.g Local Chinese food restaurant want show ads to those who are residing in radius of 5 kilometer.

  • Raising attendance at your event: When you want more people to attend your "event", you must select this objective.The event ad will get more people to see and respond to your event. People will get reminders and updates about your event, and you'll be able to see how many people responded interested and attending.

  • Getting people to claim your offer: when you want promote coupons,discounts, special offer,special deals,  you must choose this objective. You can target these ads to specific audiences & also limit how many people can claim offer.

  • Getting video views: When you want to tell your business/ brand stories with interesting videos then you can utilize these video embedded ads.

  • Collecting leads for your business:When you want generate leads for your business, then these ads will help you to collect lead information from people who are interested in your business.

Step by Step Guide of Creating Facebook Ads:

Campaign Objective: As we already discussed in detail about the various objectives, it means what you want accomplish with proposed ads.

Ad Set: It decide how your ads will run on Facebook platform. In the ad set you decide your audiences on the basis of targeting options like Age, Gender, Location & more. You also decide budget of the campaign  & scheduling of the Ads.

Ads: At this level we develop ad creatives utilizing appropriate Images, Videos, Call to Action buttons.

Creating  Ad for Boosting your Posts:

  • Log into your Facebook account.

  • Then select create advert from drop down menu.


  • Choose objective for campaign.

  • Select Page whose post you want to boost.
Note- For our study purpose ,i selected one of my own page- Bodybuilder Tips.

  • Now drop down menu will appear. Select specific post which you want to boost.
  • If you do not wish to to boost from previously posted post. You can create fresh post by clicking on plus button.

  • You can give name to your campaign.

  • Now press  Set Audience & Budget button.

lets move to next level Advert Set - Audience ,Budget.& Schedule.

  • Target audience on the basis of location.
  • Select the appropriate option from the drop down menu.

  • Similarly now target the audience on the basis of Age, Gender & Language.

  • You can narrow down or expand your audience through detailed targeting & connections.

 Note: As you putting targeting options. Facebook also shows estimated reach at right hand side of the window. 

Lets move to campaign budget.

  • Select daily budget or lifetime budget.
  • You can start campaign immediately from today or put schedule for it.

  • You can Optimize Advert delivery on the various objectives as shown in the snapshot.

  • You can set Bid amount Automatic or Manual Mode
In the Automatic mode Facebook sets bid to maximize engagements. where as in the manual bidding you will set bid as per you judgement. you need to change bid in manual mode as per the results achieved.

  • In the When you charged option ,The selected option determines when you pay for your advert. For many optimization goals, you'll pay each time your advert is served (known as an impression).   Some optimization goals also let you choose between impressions and actions (such as link clicks or post engagements).

    • You can run advert 24 hrs /day or customized schedule as per when you most of the customers are online on the Facebook.(Scheduling is only available for Life time budgets).

    • Now set a name that describes the audience, scheduling or adverts inside it.
    • Now Press Choose Advert Creative button.

    • In Advert creative window you will be able to see the preview of how your boosted post will look in Desktop news feed, Mobile news feed & Desktop right column.

    • It will arrange to show preview how this advert will look in Facebook app, but you need to go to your mobile app.

    • Now you can Review whole order for the advert by pressing "Review Order Button"

    • Once you are done with review of the order then you can proceed with placing of order.

    • If you are creating Facebook ad for the first time you need to fill up billing information which includes billing address, credit card details etc.

    • before your campaign goes live, Facebook reviews your advert to check with its advertising guidelines. generally it reviews your advert within 24 hours.

    • Once campaign goes live you can see the performance by visiting "Manage Advert" section from drop down menu.

    So friends.. this was detailed discussion about various Facebook campaign objective & step by step guide of creating advert for boosting your post. I  hope you will like it.