Sunday, 6 March 2016

How to Create Facebook Business Page?

Today we will be discussing  about what are different categories of Facebook pages & how to set up the page on Facebook.

Remember that for creating Facebook page you need to have personal account.

  • Log into your personal account.
  • Select create  option page from drop down menu of your account.
Create Facebook Business Page - Log In

  • Now you need to select any one option from different categories Facebook Pages.
Facebook Page Types

Note: You need to select option carefully as each has unique characteristics & benefits.

Facebook Pages Types:

  • Local Business Or Place: This option ideally suited if you have Local  business or service catering to local needs or covering limited geographical area.if your business caters customers regionally, nationally or globally then you should not select this option.
  • Company ,Organization or Institution:  If your Company ,Organization or Institution does business or caters to customers spread in geographically wide distances then you should select this option.
  • Brand or Product: This option most suitable to those brand or products which are sold through more than one re-seller or website.
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure:This option  for the celebrities, sports person & politician who want to market them self as brand. This page is also called as fan page.
  • Cause or Community:If you want promote a social or global cause & want people to join or support the noble movement, then you should choose this option.

Selecting appropriate & relevant Facebook page type is very important to step towards success in Facebook Marketing.

For the purpose of our study we are selecting Local Business or Place.

  • After selecting option , now fill up the relevant category , name & address of your business  or services, 
Facebook Page Types_ Local Business or Place.
  • Press Get Started Button .
  • Set up window will open.
Facebook Page Set up - About

  • In About  section you need to add relevant description, categories & website information , so that your Facebook business page can be found in search. Care must be taken while selecting page address as once its set, it can be only changed once. Page address should be unique enough to be easy to recall or remember.
  • Facebook also asks whether your business & its address is real or not. Its also want to confirm whether you are authorized representative of given business.
Facebook page set up - Profile Picture
  • Now press Save Info button.
  • In Profile Picture section you can load Logo of your business / services from your desktop or from web.

  • After uploading ,save the photo.
  • Now Press the Next button.
  • You can add your page as Favourites for easy access at any time.
Facebook page set up - Add to favourites
Facebook page set up - Add to favourites2
  • Now Press the Next button.
  • In Preferred Page Audience Section  you can select the kind of audience you would like to connect on the basis of Location ,Gender, Age & Interest.
Facebook page set up - Audiences

  • This is how your page will look once you finished your set up.

This is how we created simple Facebook Business Page. There are other option you can add once you create page, which we will cover in next post.

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