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Step by Step Guide to Facebook Insight - 2016

Facebook Insight Guide -2016

After Creating a very nice Facebook page you must be wondering how to see the performance report of the page. So to see the performance of page you  need to visit Facebook Insight section. but wait there is catch, as per Facebook policies "Insight" will only appear once your page reaches 30 "Likes"

Facebook Insight is basically "Analytics Platform" which provides very exhaustive data releted to various page metrics. we will study each metrics in detail today.

Components of Page Metrics:

  1. Overview.
  3. Reach.
  4. Page Views.
  5. Action on Page.
  6. Posts.
  7. Videos.
  8. Local.

  • Overview:  It will show you  3 reports of the above metrics for      
  1. Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days & Last 28 days,
  2. Your 5 recent posts statistics which includes post type ,targeting, reach (organic & paid),clicks,reactions , comments & share
  3. Pages to watch - It compares the Performance of your page with the pages similar to your topic.but remember you need to add this competing pages prior.

Facebook Insight- Overview

  • Likes: This section will show you graphs for below mentioned metrics.
  1. Total Page Like as on date 
  2. Net Likes -It shows net likes by subtracting unlike from likes. It also give breakup of "Organic Likes" & "Paid Likes"
  3. Where your page like happened - This graph shows where exactly all these" page like" happened eg. API, on Page, Search, Advert or other.

Facebook Insifght- Total Page Like

Facebook Insight - Net Likes

Facebook Insight -where your pages Likes happened

Note: You can modify all these graph by selecting default time period 1 Week, 1 Month & 1 Quarter  or by putting start & end date.    

  • Reach:This section will show you graphs for below mentioned metrics

  1.  Post Reach - This graph will show to how many people post    was served. It also gives both Organic & Paid reach data.
  2. Reactions,Comments & Share - These action will increase     your chance to reach more people.To know more about Reactions, Plz do read Facebook launches "Reactions" emoticons worldwide
  3. Hide , Report as Spam & Unlikes - These action will decrease your chances to reach more people.
  4. Total Reach - The number of people who were served any     activity from your Page, including your posts, posts to your  Page by other people, Page like adverts, mentions and check- ins. It gives both Organic & Paid reach data.

  • Page Views : It shows how many times your page has been showed

  1. Total Views- This will show you graph releted to total views & section wise.Section includes  About,Timeline,Home,Photos, Videos  & Others.
  2. Total People who viewed your page -It gives break up by section, age, gender, country ,city & devices.
  3. Top Sources - The graph shows from which referral sites these people are coming for viewing your pages.

  • Action on Page: It shows type of actions taken by viewer of your page. Actions include Get direction clicks, phone number clicks, website clicks & page call to action clicks.  It gives break up for each Action with parameters like age, gender, country ,city & devices.

  • Posts: This section reveals very interesting  data like when your fans are online, engagement pattern through out the day for recent 1 week. It shows success of each of post on the basis of reach & engagement. It also shows engagement data  recent posts of pages you follow.

  • Video: This section shows number of video views for 3 seconds & 10 Seconds.

  • People: It shows data releted to number of fans, people reached, People engaged on the basis of Age , Gender, Country, City & language.

  • Local: One of the special feature of Facebook Insight, which gives data releted viewers in the area of 50 meter & 150 meter radius of your business.It gives very interesting details like when maximum number people in the chosen radius are online & their age group. This data is available for recent 1 week, 1 Month & 1 Quarter.

Finally you can export Facebook insight data in xls or csv file format very easily.

Click on the Export button in "Overview" section.

Select the file format, data type , date range & click on export data button.

Export Insight data

Remember you can only export data of 500 posts at time, for more data you can repeat above procedure multiple time.

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