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What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is systematic process of identifying actual search queries,which people enter in various search engine while looking for information.This process includes collecting both search volume & its relative competitiveness.

Significance of Keyword Research:

It is very important for today's digital marketer, who runs any kind of online business to attract relevant visitors to his website or attracting such relevant traffic is not that easy in today's fast changing technological world.

Online Marketer  uses various techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns attract visitors to his web property.both of these strategy will be effective if it is based on thorough Keyword Research on the topic. these strategies involves money so it must give higher conversions on the web asset & good return on investment.

Keyword Search Demand

Keyword Research Tools:

There are many Keyword Research Tools available on the internet, These tools offer some free services as well as paid features. below mentioned is the list of tool that i find very useful for the research

Now we can take one example for specific keyword to understand the methodology of research.

To start keyword research for any topic you need seed word, for our study we will doing research for keyword" Digital Marketing"

Google Trend :It is very good free tool for getting the idea about trend for keyword, topic & search terms.

  • Login into Google Trend through your Gmail id.
  • Enter "Keyword" into search box.
  • Select as per your choice targeted location, time period, different categories & different google properties.
  1. You can choose World wide for whole data or else you can select any specific country.
  2. Time Period -You can fetch data from Year 2004 to present, past hour, past four hour, past day, past one day, past seven days,past 30 days, past 90 days, past 12 months & any customized date data.
  3. Categories include - Art's & Entertainment, Autos & Vehicle, Beauty &fitness, Books & Literature,Business & Industrial,Computer & Electronics, Finance,Food & drink,games, Health & Many more.
  4. You can also search on the basis of web, image, Google shopping, News & You Tube.

Google trend -Interest over time

Google trend shows you graph which depicts interest over period of time. It clearly gives idea how that keyword has generated interest
 over selected period of time & forecast for the future period.

Google trend - Regional Interest

It shows you from which region maximum search queries are generated.Numbers represent search volume relative to the highest point on the map which is always 100.

Google trend - Related Searches

It also shows top releted search queries.

Google Suggestion from Google SERP: When you type & submit any query in google search engine, it gives suggestion of list of queries releted  to the submitted query.It is goldmine of for new keywords releted to your topic.

Google Suggestion

Quora: It is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. It is another good source finding good keywords.
  1. Create account in Quora.
  2. Enter your Keyword in search box.
  3. You will see list of questions asked related to your topic.


all above three  techniques will give you truckload of keyword ideas, but  wont give you any idea about keywords search volume & its competitiveness.

Buzz Sumo: Some may ague that BuzzsSumo is not keyword Research Tool, but we can utilize it to research which topic are getting viral on social media platform.

BuzzSumo Research

  1. Go to Buzz Sumo Site & Enter your keyword into search box.
  2. It will Top 10 web content & website which shared most on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter,Pinterest &Google Plus. If you want access more  than 10 results then you need to buy premium plan.
basically it will give idea about which type of content releted to your keyword shared on social media platform. you can very well study those content to extract valuable keywords.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner: This is free tool given by Online Advertising Platform - Google Adwords

  1. Log Into google Adwords using your Gmail Id
  2. Select Keyword Planner from Tool menu.
  3. Enter each keyword collected from above methods.
Google Adwords Keyword Planner Research

Keyword Planner will give you Average Monthly Searches, Competition (High - Medium - Low) & suggested bid For each keyword.

SemRush: This tool is similar to Google keyword planner but has many unique features incorporated. SemRush is not free tool. It gives 14 day free trial with limited access. for full data upgrade to paid premium plan. If your volume of keyword research is low then there is trick to use semrush for free for life time. The trick is to create new account with new email id once your 14 day trial is over.

  1. Create Account In SemRush.
  2. Enter your keyword in search box.
  3. You can select specific country google search engine.They cover around 30 country specific google search engine.

SemRush Research

SemRush gives you Phrase Match report ,monthly search volume ,cost per click, competition on the scale of 0 to 1( 0 means low & 1 means high), it also gives names of top 100 website for that keyword.

One of the unique feature of SemRush is Keyword Difficulty Tool.This tool allows users to estimate how difficult it would be to seize competitors' positions in organic search with the particular keyword (1-100%). The metric is based on competition between domains that are ranking for the requested keywords in Google's top 100 organic search results.

SemRush keyword difficulty tool
I have not covered rest of the the keyword research tools purposely as they are paid & to access meaningful data you need to buy premium plan.

 They only give you list of keyword without any information about search volume & competition.
still you can collect keywords through their free search can enter in Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find the rest of the data.

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